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Our company was founded in 1993 with a focus on the export of dairy products from the Czech Republic and Europe to various parts of the world. Hom Mali became a reliable business partner on many continents and soon became known not only by importers in various countries, but we were approached and asked for cooperation by a number of major exporters and food producers.
We are a leading B2B supplier
of Asian products.
Our products are globally proven and popular worldwide.
Our direct import guarantees the best prices on the market.
We have an extensive network of B2B partners on the CZ/SK market.
We entered the oriental gastronomy segment by importing rice from Thailand and Cambodia. The name of the company Hom Mali - translated as "jasmine rice" - was born. Due to the high demand for exclusive products of Asian goods, as well as for quality agricultural and food products, which are popular among all lovers of exotic cuisine, we have expanded our product portfolio. We carefully select our range and offer it under the guarantee of the highest quality. Our product portfolio, which will enrich both home and professional kitchens. Check our portfolio in the section "Our products". 

How collaboration works
Our specialists are available from Monday to Friday to process your order.
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